Ninja Creami Cherry Sorbet Recipe

Cherry Sorbet Ninja Creami Recipe

By Adam

What You Will Love About This Cherry Sorbet

  • SIMPLE – Can be made with just cherries!
  • EASY – Very little prep time
  • HEALTHY – Just fruit and a pinch of salt
Cherry Ice Cream

What You Need To Make Cherry Sorbet



  1. Cherries (Pitted- Fresh or Frozen)
  2. Lime Juice (Optional)
  3. Salt (Optional)

What type of cherries should you use for this sorbet?

This is meant to be used with fresh or frozen sweet cherries (not tart or sour cherries). I use Smart Harvest Organic Sweet Cherries from Costco when making this recipe.

Different cherries may result in a different texture but if you use the Smart Harvest Sweet Cherries from Costco you should end up with a very creamy texture. If you try with fresh (pitted) cherries and the texture is too icy you may need to try with a sweeter cherry or add some sugar.

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Cherry Sorbet Recipe Ninja Creami

Cherry Sorbet

Super simple recipe for a cherry sorbet using the Ninja Creami. Using just a couple of ingredients to make a healthy gourmet dessert!
Prep Time 5 minutes
Course Dessert
Cuisine Vegan


  • 1 Pint Frozen Pitted Cherries
  • 1 Tbsp Lime Juice Optional
  • 1 Pinch Salt Optional


With Frozen Cherries

  • Fill your Creami Pint to the top or even slightly over the top with frozen pitted cherries, after the cherries are thawed and mashed they should sit below the fill line. Allow cherries to thaw in the fridge overnight or gently heat them in a separate pan or microwavable bowl.
  • Continue with instructions below

With Fresh or Thawed Cherries

  • Add thawed/fresh cherries into Ninja Creami Pint container
  • Add lime juice and a small pinch of salt to the cherries (both optional)
  • Mash the cherries to release juice and pack down to remove any air pockets. You can fill the pint with mashed cherries to the scoopable line (or below). If you increase the amount of cherries be sure to also add a bit more salt and lime juice in proportion. (You can also blend the mixture if you prefer)
  • Freeze for 24+ hours


  • Remove the lid from your frozen pint and place the pint in the outer bowl, install the paddle/blade on the lid and lock the lid on the outer bowl. Insert the bowl into the Ninja base and lock by rotating the handle to the right.

Process with Ninja CREAMi

  • Use the Sorbet Setting and allow the Ninja to work it’s magic.
  • Re-spin (optional): Process again using the Re-spin button. This recipe had an OK texture after the initial CREAMi processes but it was so smooth and creamy after the re-spin.
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