Ninja Creami Chai Tea Latte Ice Cream- Oregon Chai Tea Ice Cream

Chai Tea Latte Ice Cream

By Adam

What You Will Love About This Recipe

  • SIMPLE – Made with a premade Chai Tea concentrate and your choice of milk plus a few ingredients to amp it up a bit.
  • EASY – Just mix in the pint and freeze!
  • VERSITILE – This can be made non-dairy and vegan by following this recipe or replace with another milk for soy-free.
Oregon Chai Tea Latte Ice Cream Recipe

What You Need To Make This Ice Cream



  1. Chai Tea Concentrate – I use Oregon Chai Brand
  2. Vanilla Soy Milk, Or Your Preferred Milk – I use Kirkland Vanilla Soy Milk
  3. Cinnamon
  4. Xanthan Gum – I use Bob’s Red Mill, can sub with guar gum
  5. Kosher Salt
  6. Vanilla Extract (optional) 

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Ninja Creami Chai Tea Latte Ice Cream

Chai Tea Latte Ice Cream


  • 1 Ninja Creami Ice Cream Maker


  • 320 g Chai Tea Concentrate Oregon Chai
  • 215 g Vanilla Soy Milk Or Your Preferred Milk
  • 1 tsp Cinnamon
  • 1 tsp Xanthan Gum Bob's Red Mill
  • .25 tsp kosher salt
  • 1 tsp Vanilla Extract (optional) use if your milk is unflavored or you like extra vanilla


Mix Ingredients

  • Start by pouring 320 g of Oregon Chai Tea Concentrate and 215 g of your chosen milk, like Kirkland vanilla soy milk, into a pint or separate bowl. Combine the liquid with cinnamon, a pinch of kosher salt, and Xanthan Gum. You can also add a bit of vanilla extract if you prefer more vanilla flavor or if your milk is unflavored. Stir/blend everything together until it's fully blended and smooth. I was able to mix this together in the pint with a milk frother to avoid extra dishes.

Freeze Mixture

  • Transfer this mixture into your Ninja CREAMi pint. Secure the lid on top and place it in the freezer. Let it freeze solid, which should take about 24 hours.

Assemble for Processing

  • Once frozen, take the pint out. Remove the lid and place the pint in the outer bowl of the Ninja CREAMi. Attach the paddle/blade to the lid and lock it onto the outer bowl. Then, fit the bowl into the Ninja base, securing it by rotating the handle to the right.

Process with Ninja CREAMi

  • Select the Lite Ice Cream setting on your Ninja CREAMi and let it work its magic. This will churn your mixture into a creamy ice cream texture. If the ice cream is still icy or powdery use the re spin option as need to get to a good texture. A splash of your milk of choice before re-spinning will speed things along.

Optional Mix-Ins

  • If you like, use the mix-in option to add any extras you love. The chai flavor would go well with cinnamon or other spice flavored cookies

Serve and Enjoy

  • Your Chai Latte Ice Cream is ready! Scoop it out and enjoy this delightful, dairy-free treat.

Mix-ins and Toppings

I like this one without add-ins or toppings but the chai spice flavor goes well with chocolate, cinnamon, coffee, or other warm spice flavors in cookies, candies, or sauces.


Dirty Chai Latte Ice Cream: You can turn this into a “dirty” chai latte ice cream by adding instant espresso powder or a shot of strongly brewed espresso.

Chocolate Chai Latte Ice Cream: Mixing in some chocolate sauce or a bit of cocoa or hot chocolate powder before freezing should make for a nice chocolate chai ice cream.

Drinkable: Turn this into a drinkable creation by using more liquid chai tea latte when processing with one of the drinkable functions.

Ninja Creami Chai Tea Latte Ice Cream

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